Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for my medical treatment when I am in an automobile accident?

Contrary to what one would normally think, the insurance company for the person who was at fault does not pay for your medical treatment. The law in New Jersey mandates that your own automobile insurance company will pay for your medical treatment. One piece of good news is that your car insurance premium will NOT be raised.

Who pays for the expenses associated with the costs of my lawsuit?

Our office fronts any costs associated with the lawsuit (filing fees, medical records, expert reports, etc.), which are reimbursed to our office once your case is settled or won. If your case is lost, we do not charge you the expenses associated with your matter.

Where do I attend treatment when I have a workers' compensation case?

The workers' compensation insurance company will direct you to the appropriate doctor and pay for them as well.

How long will the case take from start to completion?

Once the case is filed in Court, it will usually take approximately 1½ - 2 years. The key to this time frame is when the case is filed. Mr. Bedell likes to be aggressive with filing the complaint in Court as soon as possible because the insurance company will not resolve the case in a favorable way until they are faced with a jury trial.

When should I consult with Mr. Bedell after the incident/accident?

The best time to consult with me would be as early after an incident/accident has occurred. The reason for this is that you need to be advised of what the law is, what your rights are, and what you may expect to occur in the short term and long term. You will probably have insurance companies or other entities contacting you to discuss the matter. This could be problematic later on in your case. The best course is to "get off on the right foot" from the beginning.

If I have had any prior accidents or accidents following my incident, should I advise Mr. Bedell?

Yes, absolutely. There is an attorney client privilege that exists. In addition, truthfulness will be important in the case against the other insurance company. Therefore, everything should be disclosed to Mr. Bedell. It is better to deal with prior or subsequent incidents/accidents on our terms rather than being on the defensive.

Regarding clergy sexual abuse or sexual harassment at work, these types of questions and answers would be very personal; therefore, only a full and thorough consultation with Mr. Bedell will be of value.

Does the firm handle cases outside of personal injury or employment law?

As a courtesy to our clients, the law offices of Donald W. Bedell, Attorney at Law, handles all types of municipal court matters including:

  • Moving violations: Speeding tickets, reckless driving, failing to stop at a stop sign, etc.
  • DUI: Driving under the influence
  • Assaults
  • Trespassing
  • Petty disorderly person and disorderly person charges that are handled in the municipal court of the state of New Jersey

Municipal court matters are handled on an hourly fee basis and we require a retainer to be paid prior to representation in these cases. The law offices of Donald W. Bedell, Attorney at Law, provide free consultations in all municipal court matters. Please contact us and we can answer all questions that you may have with regard to your municipal court matter.