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Can I get workers’ compensation for my carpal tunnel?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Carpal tunnel syndrome is affecting millions of Americans, particularly those who use their hands frequently at work. This repetitive stress can develop from inflammation of tissue through the arm, wrist and hand. There are a variety of important factors to keep in mind when determining if you are eligible for workers’ compensation for your condition.

If you have developed carpal tunnel pains caused by work-related activities, it is important to seek medical attention and to file a claim for the compensation you deserve.

How does desk work cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Motions that you perform repeatedly, like typing at a computer, can put you at a high risk of developing carpal tunnel. These repeated motions can cause extreme pressure on the nerves and tendons in the hands and wrist. According to medical professionals, you may experience the following if the carpal tunnel area of your hands or wrist is injured.

  • “Tingling and numbness in your fingers or hand. This usually affects the thumb and index, middle or ring fingers, but not your little finger.” You may feel an electric shock sensation while holding objects like a steering wheel.
  • “You may experience weakness in your hand and a tendency to drop objects.” This may be due to the numbness.

Filing for Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a federally mandated program that provides you compensation for an injury at work. While each situation is different, workers’ compensation acts as an insurance program for employees who have been injured because of their employment. The most important aspect of your claim will be proving that your carpal tunnel is due to activity at work, and not from other possible causes.

For instance, assume you have developed carpal tunnel from working as a cashier. However, in your spare time, you also enjoying playing the piano or writing. You will need enough evidence that directly connects your injury to work. Your case should prove a work-related injury, rather than developing it from your outside activities.

You could run into problems when filing for workers’ compensation. Some repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel are difficult to prove, but with the right amount of medical evidence, legal guidance and persistence, it can be done. If you have developed a repetitive stress injury at work and want to receive compensation, you’ll want to have an attorney navigate you through the process.