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Hazards to boilermakers

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Obtaining an injury while at work or an illness due to what your work entails, is not fun. However, this does happen.

Boilermakers are one of the highest paid workers in the construction industry. These individuals are put in dangerous situations every day. If you or someone you know are in the boiler making profession, it is helpful to know the risks they may face on the job.

Immediate risks

  • Struck by an object: When working in this profession, be wary of heavy objects or tools that could strike you. Blows to the head my lead to a concussion, and crush injuries are common as well.
  • Noise: Loid noises, especially exposing yourself to long periods of loud, intrusive sounds, can damage your eardrum and hearing. A common injury from loud noise exposure is tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears.
  • Vibration: You may not think that frequent vibration to your body or arms, like that from a jackhammer, could cause any harm, but it can. This type of repetitive vibration can cause chronic pain in the body.
  • High heat: In this position, you may expose yourself to flame, objects, gas or liquids that are hot enough to burn. In order to avoid nasty burns while working, it is wise to wear protection on your hands and arms.

Long-term risks

  • Asbestos: Long days working with material that may be contaminated with asbestos, a cancer-causing fiber, can put you at risk. Watch out for insulation and other building materials, which commonly contain asbestos. Protecting yourself from inhaling or these fibers may help you avoid contamination.
  • Lead: exposing yourself to lead while on the job leaves you at risk for lead poisoning. Boilermakers frequently need to weld for their occupation, which can increase the danger.
  • Dust: Repeatedly inhaling dust on the job can lead to problems such as cancer down the road. When dealing with particles that are flying around in the air, it is beneficial to wear protection on your mouth and nose.
  • Fumes: The fumes that boilermakers are exposed to while working can be deadly. Breathing in vapors on the job can lead to cancer and other illnesses. This is another reason why it may be wise to wear facial protection while working.
  • Injuries to back and neck: While working, you may hunch down or twist in an awkward position. Long periods of time where you are in unnatural positions can lead to injuries to the back and neck.

There are many risks to the boilermaker’s position. While no one wants to consider becoming ill or injured due to their occupation, it is beneficial to know the possible hazards you face in the workplace.