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July 2019 Archives

Injured in a distracted driving accident? You are not alone

Like many other people in New Jersey, you probably feel pretty attached to your smartphone. These small devices are much more than just phones, providing everything from GPS directions to internet access to video games. While undoubtedly entertaining -- and maybe even a little addictive -- you know how dangerous it is to use a phone while driving. Not everyone feels the same way about distracted driving.

Summer's biggest safety hazards for construction workers

There are five safety hazards that construction workers and employers in New Jersey need to look out for during summer. Some of these are linked to one another. The most prominent danger is fatigue from the heat. Fatigued employees will make poor judgments, have slow reactions and feel less motivated to work. This is where plenty of liquids and mandatory breaks in shady areas are vital.

Truck crashes: the five most common causes

New Jersey residents should know that there are various reasons why a large truck accident can arise. Five are especially common. First, it can arise because of an error on the trucker's part. According to some studies, around 20% of truck crashes due to driver error are the fault of truckers, but truckers are just as likely as passenger vehicle drivers to be negligent behind the wheel. For instance, they might drive drowsy, drunk or inattentively.

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