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Truck crashes: the five most common causes

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New Jersey residents should know that there are various reasons why a large truck accident can arise. Five are especially common. First, it can arise because of an error on the trucker’s part. According to some studies, around 20% of truck crashes due to driver error are the fault of truckers, but truckers are just as likely as passenger vehicle drivers to be negligent behind the wheel. For instance, they might drive drowsy, drunk or inattentively.

A second reason has to do with truck maintenance. Before every shift, truckers are supposed to check their rig, and they must also submit vehicle maintenance reports. Trucking companies must ensure that their fleet is regularly inspected and maintained. The impact that a worn brake pad or a cracked windshield can have on crash risk cannot be overstated.

Many truck crashes are due to defective truck components. This means that not only the trucking company but also the parts manufacturer and the crew that installed or repaired the component may be held liable for a crash.

Fourth is bad weather. Truckers may skid on ice, hydroplane on rainy days and even jackknife if they speed and are poorly trained on braking techniques. Lastly, an accident can occur if improperly loaded or secured cargo falls out of a truck.

Those who are involved in a motor vehicle crash with a commercial truck may want to see a lawyer about whether or not they have a valid case. To prove that the other side was negligent requires special knowledge of federal trucking regulations, but lawyers and their team of investigators might be able to bring this to the table. Victims may have their lawyer negotiate on their behalf, taking the case to court if a reasonable settlement cannot be achieved.