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September 15 marks beginning of Brake Safety Week, 2019

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Brake violations among commercial truckers is a widespread issue. Many truckers in New Jersey and across the U.S. fail to maintain their vehicles, which only raises their chances of being in a crash. During the 2018 International Roadcheck, a three-day inspection spree, over 4,500 CMV drivers were put out of service for brake-related violations. They were responsible for 45% of all out-of-service orders.

It makes sense, then, that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance would have an annual inspection spree that treats solely of brake safety. This spree is called Brake Safety Week, and it encompasses all of North America. For 2019, it will take place from September 15 to 21.

Truckers should remember that the inspections are held at random. If they pass, their truck will get a CVSA decal. If they do not, they will be kept off the road until the issue at hand is resolved. The 2019 Brake Safety Week will focus on brake hoses and tubing, which are essential components. They must be properly attached and free of leaks, be flexible and have no leaks.

Law enforcement officials, in the effort to make Brake Safety Week successful, will be educating others on the importance of brake maintenance. Everyone from truckers (including owner-operators) to fleet owners and mechanics can benefit from hearing this message.

Unfortunately, many choose to neglect this part of truck maintenance. Those victims of a motor vehicle crash who believe that a negligent trucker was to blame may want a lawyer to evaluate their case. If their case is strong, they might seek compensatory damages from the trucker’s employer. The trucking company will have its own legal team working hard to deny payment, but victims may have their lawyer strive for a fair out-of-court settlement at the negotiation table.