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Speeding, weather can cause a tragic trucking accident

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traffic safety laws apply to everyone on the road. Vehicles of any size, from the smallest subcompact to the largest SUVs and trucks, can cause terrible damage in auto accidents. But the larger the vehicle, the more harm they can cause. At the top of the list are semi trucks.

Commercial semis weigh about 40 tons on average. An out-of-control tractor-trailer can easily crush a standard car, truck or SUV. Safety equipment like seat belts, airbags and crumple zones might not be enough to save the lives of the people inside. When a deadly truck accident results from carelessness and negligence by the trucker, their employer, or both, those are the parties who should be held legally responsible.

Semi truck loses control, kills 2 in car

A horrific collision between a semi and a car south of New Jersey in Florida caused the deaths of a young couple in their early 20s recently. Their families are now suing the truck driver’s employer for wrongful death. Their lawsuit says that the driver caused the crash by speeding. Their attorney also suggested in a news report that it was raining when the crash occurred and that the truck driver failed to adjust for weather conditions.

The couple was driving on I-95 when the semi driver lost control on a curve. The 18-wheeler hit the center median and slammed into the victims’ car, which skidded across the highway and into a guardrail. The families’ attorney believes the semi was going at least 70 mph in a 60 mph zone.

Like so many other people killed in truck accidents, these young people will never get to experience so many things. We will never know what they would have done with their lives. Their families have lost their companionship and affection.

Compensation for your injuries

While most truck accidents are not fatal, they can cause long-lasting and permanent disabilities. Personal injury litigation gives victims the chance to get rightful compensation for things like lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.