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The danger of slip and falls in retail spaces

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Shopping plazas and malls are convenient for New Jersey residents, frequently housing various types of shops, from watches and apparel to cosmetics and financial institutions. Shop owners and proprietors of the property owe a duty of care to you when you are on the premises. We often represent clients injured due to a slip and fall accident. 

According to the Expert Institute, consumers correctly presume a reasonable standard of care when moving through public spaces. You expect that the property owner or manager maintains the area, establishing a level of safety. Properties with a proactive risk management plan that includes attention to maintenance can help minimize your risk for injuries while on the premises. Although a shopping plaza and a mall have very different sizes and shapes, the commercial spaces have many similarities. 

Exterior Spaces

Retail spaces have parking lots or structures that accommodate vehicles, including delivery trucks. Adequate lighting is critical for a safe environment, particularly when the weather turns cold. Burned out lightbulbs or too few lights can result in a slip and fall accident. Warning signs about potholes, grates, overhangs where ice and snow collect, and other areas of concern can help you avoid hazardous conditions. 

Interior Spaces

Entrances, thresholds, walkways and doorways must remain dry and clean for safety. Rain, ice and snow can make these areas unsafe. Shop owners and property managers must deploy and maintain the correct type of mats and high visibility warning signs for public safety. Stairs or ramps should have non-slip treads or coverings, which can reduce the likelihood that you will slip and fall. Public restrooms require the same level of care. 

If a negligent property owner or manager left a spill, puddle or other hazards unattended and you fell, you may have grounds for a claim.