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What impact can slip and fall accidents have on your health?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

While thinking about injuries, you may not realize just how serious and impactful an accidental slip and fall can be.

However, many people suffer from complications beyond just cuts and bruises.

Broken bones

According to the Center for Disease Control, broken bones are among the most common complications following a slip and fall injury. Landing directly on an ankle, arm or other limb can greatly increase your likelihood of a fractured bone or torn ligament.

Bones take longer to heal than most injuries, and a serious fall can also greatly impact your daily life and mobility. Even a temporary inability to walk or drive can affect your job and your income.

Head injuries

Falling and hitting your head, especially on concrete stairs or a solid floor, can seriously damage your brain. Injuries such as concussions can change your emotional and mental well-being, and often require intense care afterwards.

You may not even be aware you have a concussion until sometime after the fall itself, since some symptoms may not appear right away. The long term effects on your health could possibly include issues like seizures and vertigo.

Fear and trauma

Sometimes, a serious injury can cause you to feel more hesitant than needed in future situations. Residual mental scarring from falls can mean you go out of your way to avoid everyday situations like using sidewalks or going to stores.

Not only can this cause you to lose confidence in your physical abilities, but it can also limit your personal and professional life. Knowing the serious impact that slip and fall accidents have on a person can help you reach out if you need support.