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Is it a fair settlement for your injury claim?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Injuries

After getting in an accident, you face many decisions. The fallout from the crash may leave you in a bind.

When the other driver is negligent, you may have a solid case for a personal injury claim. However, it is common for the party’s insurer to offer you a settlement before your claim gets off the ground. Is the offer fair, or should you ask for more? Understanding the possible financial awards may help you make a better decision.

Consider your future medical care

Medical treatment for your injuries may not continue now, but you may need it in the future. Even if you do not have serious residual effects at the moment, you may find that as time continues, the injuries continue to affect you. The settlement may not take this into account.

Think about your pain and suffering

The settlement likely does not take into account the physical and emotional toll the injuries have taken. A court may award you money to compensate you for this pain and suffering even though the settlement offer may not.

Calculate your lost wages

All the time lost from work had a big impact on your financial picture. You lost paychecks, retirement contributions and bonuses. The settlement may factor some of this in but likely does not address any future lost earnings, especially if you can no longer work in the same capacity.

To ensure you get the most favorable outcome you deserve, you should consider speaking to an attorney. Before signing over any future rights to go back and recover, let an attorney advise you on the fairness of the settlement. You may find that a representative can recover more, even without going to court.