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Watch for health problems after falling on stairs

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

A slip and fall down a flight of stairs can sometimes constitute a medical emergency. After a stair fall, people may experience unconsciousness, severe bleeding or bone fractures. Even if you get through a stair fall without needing to go to the hospital, it does not mean symptoms of a serious injury might not emerge later on.

A slip and fall on stairs have the potential to inflict internal injuries. You might have a broken bone or internal bleeding and do not know it. Healthline describes some symptoms that might prompt you to visit your doctor.

Pain symptoms

A stair fall can inflict different kinds of pain. You might have headaches that either persist or come and go without permanently stopping. You may also suffer from back pain that does not go away even after weeks or even gets worse. Pain in any body of your body is possible, and it can be particularly troubling if taking pain medication from your pharmacy does not alleviate it.

Symptoms of body weakness

Internal injuries from a stair fall can also afflict your nerves and muscles. As a result, you might have problems with body movement or your senses. Your vision could turn blurry, or you have a sudden sensitivity to light, or your muscles are weak and do not improve. In addition, parts of your body might feel numb. It can be particularly serious if you have numbness of the extremities or your groin.

Having a doctor examine you shortly after a fall may identify health problems that could cause serious complications, disability or even death. A proper examination may also help you factor in the costs of treatment and recovery if you decide to pursue compensation for your injuries.