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Wintertime safety for your aging loved ones

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Watching your loved ones age can make you worry about their safety. Slips, trips and falls, in particular, can have life-threatening outcomes for an elderly individual.

As the weather cools down in New Jersey and wintertime begins, you may want to take precautions to protect your aging family members. Teaching them some basic safety tips may reduce the likelihood of a fall.

Footwear and support

The type of shoes your family members wear can play a critical role in how much traction they have. Especially during the winter months, everyone should have a pair of sturdy boots. You can look for designs that incorporate comfort, style and protection.

In addition to good shoes, your older family members may need a cane or other form of support. According to U.S. News, elderly persons should avoid going places alone when it is snowy and icy outside. You can accompany your aging loved ones and provide support while they get in and out of their vehicle or walk on sidewalks and through parking lots.

Technology and strategy

Technology has come a long way in providing the elderly with convenient and easy-to-use alert systems. You may consider investing in a type of life alert product that your aging family members can take with them when they have to go out. Provide instruction regarding its use and demonstrate how to activate the alert if a fall happens.

Throughout the winter months, you can strategize and coordinate schedules so you can accompany your aging loved ones to the places they need to go. You may even consider offering to run errands for them to prevent their need of leaving at all.

If you have loved ones that have suffered a life-altering fall, you may want to seek legal guidance, particularly in situations where a serious fall was the result of another’s negligence.