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Is road rage a serious concern for drivers?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While you may know about the dangers of drinking while driving, dealing with someone with road rage may not seem like a particularly dangerous situation at first. However, this kind of driving can lead to serious injuries.

Whether you are on a busy road or an almost-empty road, noticing the ways that road rage happens can help you if you are in an accident.

Anger and frustration

According to Psychology Today, anger influences how much attention a person pays to the people around them. If you encounter a driver who chases you and refuses to leave you alone, then they may also choose to not use their turn signal or speed through busy roads.

This person could sideswipe or run directly into a car due to this distraction. You may also worry that they could follow you home or try to harm you by physically attacking you.

Reckless choices

Since road rage can influence how a person feels and what they notice, it can also impact how quickly a person reacts to dangerous situations. An increase in hostility means that this angry driver could run red lights and ignore road rules that keep people safe.

This kind of recklessness can lead to an unexpected crash or collision.

Speeding and brake-checking

Intense speeding can also contribute to a crash since it leads to less time to react to other drivers around them. In some cases, a frustrated person who wants to make you stop can purposefully break-check you in order to scare you.

Learning about how a person with road rage can put you in danger and why it is important to take this phenomenon seriously is important.