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How can a dash cam help in a crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A dash cam serves as a recording device – a camera that sits on your dashboard – which can help record events happening outside of the front window of the vehicle. It records everything that unfolds within its scope.

The dash cam has many purposes, but some of them could potentially help you in the event that you get involved in a crash.

A silent witness

How Stuff Works discusses the potential benefits of a dash cam in the event of a crash. Due to the fact that it records everything happening out through the front of your windshield, it actually acts as a “silent witness”.

Unlike testimony from people, who often give statements colored by personal bias and their own perspective on an event, a camera offers irrefutable footage of an event. It can prove fault, protecting you if another driver tries to falsely claim that you were the cause for the crash when that was not the case.

A dashcam often gets installed in the front of the car, but some drivers will buy a second to install at the back, too. This can help in the event of rear-end collisions, which can prove contentious crashes in court at times.

Insurance companies and dash cams

Insurance companies also find dash cam footage useful in preventing fraud. Up to 17 percent of insurance payouts in 2012 happened due to fraudulent claims, and unfortunately, unscrupulous people will often get into crashes on purpose to get the insurance payout.

These days, more drivers in the U.S. choose to use dash cams to avoid unfair penalties. The trend will likely continue as dash cams continue to help drivers across the country.