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Can crush injuries happen in car crashes?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes lead to a number of injuries, including potentially serious and traumatic ones. Among catastrophic injuries associated with car crashes are crush injuries.

What are crush injuries, and how do car crashes tend to cause them?

Typical crush injuries

Up To Date discusses crush injuries and how they can occur in crash scenarios. In its base form, a crush injury occurs when a person has part – or even the entirety – of their body compressed, run over, rolled over, buried or otherwise squashed by two or more heavier or larger items.

Examples of crush injuries can include someone having their foot run over by a car, a person being crushed beneath rubble in an earthquake, or a person getting crushed between elevator doors.

Crush injuries specific to cars

In car crashes, crush injuries typically occur to the limbs due to their small size and ability to get wedged into small and unprotected areas of the car. The crash cage also does not extend to the hood of the car, meaning the front seats are particularly susceptible.

Many victims of crush injuries have their arms or legs pinned when part of the car ends up crumpling in on itself. Sometimes, people who end up outside of the car also get pinned between vehicles, or between a vehicle and the ground.

Crush injuries almost always pose an immediate medical threat to the victim. To that end, it is important to get a crush injury sufferer medical attention as quickly as possible. This helps cut down on lethal risks and the possibility of serious complications, though said risks still exist even with medical intervention.