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What constitutes distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers who take to New Jersey roadways and parkways may want to ensure that they do so with their undivided attention. Distracted driving remains the top of the most frequent cause of car crashes throughout the state, but not all distractions are what you think.

What constitutes a distraction? The law considers anything that takes sight or concentration away from the task at hand as a distraction. While that can mean many things, there are a few that drivers do more frequently, leading to accidents.

What is bad about using a cell phone?

The number one in-car driver distraction remains the cell phone. Even before phones became more than a way to speak to someone, they were distracting. When conversing, drivers often lose track of their surroundings, speed and other vehicles. Now that phones are mini-computers and cameras, the availability of distraction is much higher.

Is eating or drinking dangerous?

Fast-food chains have become synonymous with quick meals on the go. Drive-thru windows allow drivers to get food to consume while behind the wheel. Eating and drinking while driving are two significant distractions that can cause drivers to lose control and cause a crash.

Is a radio distracting?

A common feature in newer vehicles is the large infotainment screen. It allows drivers to see everything from radio stations to GPS maps. However, it still draws a driver’s eyes away from the road. Even a few seconds of diversion may result in an accident. A good practice is turning off these screens or dimming them significantly and utilizing only those features that allow a driver to speak.

The lesson here is that almost anything can become a distraction and, thus, lead to a crash. A driver needs to practice safety and do whatever possible to limit in-car diversions.