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Things to avoid doing after a dog bite

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Dog Bites

A dog bite is often an upsetting experience. The attack can leave long-lasting physical, mental and emotional scars.

The confusion of the moment can overwhelm the bitten person and onlookers. However, neglecting certain actions can worsen the aftereffects of the incident.

Failing to get medical attention

Even if the bitten individual does not think the injuries are severe, immediate treatment is the wise course of action. Infection can occur quickly after a dog bite. If a medical team does not treat the wound, severe complications may arise. Documentation of the injuries with medical records may be vital for proving damages if necessary.

Neglecting to get witness contact information

If anyone witnessed the incident, names, phone numbers and email addresses could help a person find bystanders later for official testimony. Witnesses may be able to back up one’s account of events and provide additional helpful details.

Failing to report the attack

In many locations, reporting a dog bite is a requirement by law. New Jersey requires citizens to relay the information within 12 hours. Such regulations protect the community from infectious diseases.

Relying on the memory of the event

The commotion surrounding an animal attack makes it easy to forget critical details. To ensure accuracy when recounting the incident, interested parties can take detailed notes and store them somewhere safe. Having a clear written account helps a person keep a consistent story. Photographs or video recordings of the location, animal, injuries and treatment can preserve vital facts.

Dog bites are common, with millions of incidences yearly. Remembering to take appropriate action can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse.