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How does whiplash affect a person?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whiplash serves as one of the most common effects of a car crash that a person may suffer from. They are particularly common in rear-end collisions.

How does whiplash affect a sufferer? Can it have serious and lasting consequences?

Physical effects

Mayo Clinic discusses the impact that whiplash has on a person’s health. Some people tend to think that it is less serious because of how common it is, but it can cause serious impacts on a person’s mental, physical and emotional health.

Physically, whiplash often creates lasting pain that may vary in degrees of intensity. Some people might not have much pain at all, while others might experience excruciating pain. Some may have pain that comes and goes, while others may have constant pain.

Most commonly, pain affects the victim when they move their head in a certain way, resulting in the hurt muscle and nerves getting pinched or tweaked.

Pain and mental health

Whiplash may create chronic pain in some people, which may lead to depression or anxiety. Studies show a strong tie between chronic pain in particular and mental health disorders and struggles.

Financial issues

Of course, this may create financial concerns, too. Chronic pain and acute pain both come with frequent visits to doctors and potential medication, or even physical therapy. All of these create stacking price tags which can leave a serious dent in a victim’s finances.

For these reasons, sufferers of whiplash will often seek financial compensation in order to help pay for the cost of treating their injury and managing their pain.