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When you hit a car, but you’re not at fault

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is a stressful experience, and bearing the responsibility for damages when the other driver may be at fault can result in unnecessary added stress and financial burden.

Many believe that hitting another car means they are automatically at fault for an accident, but there are some situations where this might not be the case. Here are some circumstances where the leading driver could be responsible for a rear-end collision.

Making illegal or careless maneuvers

Rear-end collisions in New Jersey often result from careless or distracted driving. While this usually refers to following too closely or not focusing on the road, it can also include:

  • Merging without signaling
  • Making illegal turns
  • Brake-checking

The accident might not be your fault if the other driver performs one of these dangerous maneuvers, causing you to crash into them.

Driving a damaged vehicle

Another common cause of accidents is driving with damaged or broken safety features, such as tail or brake lights. When the other driver fails to get necessary repairs, it can lead to dangerous situations that may increase the likelihood of a collision.

Damaged tail lights can make a car difficult to see at night, while broken brake lights could fail to notify you when the vehicle in front of you is braking. When the car in front of you appears to suddenly slow or stop without warning, it might not be possible for you to avoid an accident.

If you rear-end another vehicle, you may assume you are at fault, but this is not necessarily true. You could have a case if the driver you hit caused the accident due to carelessness or recklessness.