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Does exhaustion increase crash incidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Over the years, more people have grown aware of the risks of distracted driving, with texting while driving taking the lead in terms of notable dangers.

However, drowsy driving is also an issue. It is a problem that many people still do not understand the full scope of.

Understanding drowsy driving

The CDC discusses drowsy driving and the potential problems it creates. Drowsy driving occurs when a driver gets behind the wheel in spite of their levels of exhaustion.

Many feel confident in their ability to force themselves into a wakeful state in spite of this exhaustion. However, one should note that these “wakefulness tips” do not actually help that much in the long run. While they may temporarily restore some focus to the individual in question, it will not last long.

The only real way to prevent drowsy driving is by getting some sleep. This is why drowsy drivers should pull into a rest stop or similar area to get some rest if they feel exhausted.

Elevated risks due to exhaustion

Otherwise, exhaustion does increase the rate at which crashes happen. In fact, drowsy driving is a major contributor not only to crashes in general but also to the most deadly and damaging types of crashes.

This is due to the fact that drowsy drivers have no ability to detect and react to danger if they fall asleep behind the wheel.

This leads to drivers either crossing the median and going into oncoming traffic or driving off the side of the road and into barriers. In general, these crashes have high fatality rates, which can tie back directly to exhaustion.