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How do severe brain injuries manifest?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After dealing with a car crash, it is not uncommon for a head injury to follow. Of course, brain injuries often tie to head injuries, which means they are common as well.

It is important to get quick medical treatment after a head or brain injury, so understanding the symptoms of manifestation is important.

Examples of physical manifestations

Mayo Clinic discusses the manifestation of brain injuries. Brain injuries manifest in different ways depending on a number of influencing factors, including things like the age and health of the victim or the force behind the injuring blow.

However, moderate to severe brain injuries have an easier time getting spotted because the impacts are often immediate and impossible to ignore.

For example, some sufferers fall into a comatose state or lose consciousness for a period of time. Others will experience excruciating head pain that worsens over time or maintains at a high level of pain.

Others will experience types of immobility. They may struggle to maintain balance. They could also have trouble with both fine and overarching motor skills.

It is not uncommon for the senses to change in response to injury, too. Many victims report hearing a ringing in their ears or experiencing visual disturbances such as snow, static or doubled vision.

Signs of manifestation in emotion

Emotionally, many victims experience extreme confusion, panic, fear or even anger or irritation. They will likely lash out at their loved ones and even refuse to get medical treatment.

Of course, medical treatment is crucial and these patients should get taken to a doctor immediately.