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Warehouse workers 8 times more likely to suffer back injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

When you make your living working in a New Jersey warehouse, you face elevated injury risks in comparison to workers in most other industries. The demands placed on warehouse workers are likely to increase as more Americans show a clear preference for shopping online, spotlighting a need for more injury prevention industrywide.

According to HealthDay, warehouse environments are full of injury hazards. Forklifts, slippery floors and heavy loads are just a few such dangers. While warehouse workers also face threats of fires or chemical spills, one of the biggest threats they face is that of a work-related back injury.

How common back injuries are among warehouse workers

Research shows that, as a warehouse worker, your chance of experiencing an on-the-job back injury is eight times that of employees who work outside of warehouse environments. These and other nonfatal injuries happen often enough in warehouses that they cost U.S. employers an estimated $336 billion each year.

How to prevent back injuries among warehouse workers

A growing number of warehouse workers are relying on back belts when lifting. These devices seek to reduce the strain on your spine when you lift heavy objects. However, there are drawbacks associated with their usage. Some evidence suggests these belts lead to fatigue and a reduction in muscle tone over time and that they may also give employees a false sense of security. Another way to help guard against back injuries caused by lifting is to always use proper lifting techniques.

Many warehouse worker back injuries result from heavy lifting and overexertion, with overexertion a top cause of sprains and strains in the back and shoulders.