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What are crush injury incidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After getting into a crash with a truck, injuries are essentially expected. Some injuries are more severe than others.

This includes crush injuries, which are among the most severe types of injury that a person could suffer through.

How crush injuries happen

Up To Date discusses crush injury incidents. First of all, what are crush injuries? Simply put, they are a type of injury that occurs when part or the entirety of the body ends up pinned, flattened, run over, stomped, compacted or otherwise generally crushed by larger and/or heavier objects.

Many different causes may result in crush injuries. For example, if a person gets their hand caught in a conveyor belt or closed between elevator doors, these are crush injuries. If a person ends up trapped under the rubble of a building in an earthquake, this is also a crush injury.

Crush injuries and car crashes

Crush injury incidents occur frequently in car and truck crashes due to the sufferer’s proximity to heavy and large pieces of metal, along with debris that often happens in crash incidents.

Common causes of crush injuries in crash accidents include a person getting pinned between things within a crushed vehicle, or a person ending up outside of the vehicle and pinned between it and the ground. Some victims may get pinned between cars, or between a car and another object like a highway rail guard.

Any form of crush injury is a serious injury. They require immediate medical attention. This includes the crush injuries that may occur as a result of a truck crash.