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How could a slip and fall hurt your back?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Back injuries are quite common in slip and fall accidents. The way you land and where your accident occurs may determine the injuries you sustain.

The twisting that happens as you fall also impacts what happens to your body and where you may feel pain. There are a few common back injuries you might suffer during a slip and fall.

Minor injuries to the back

If your fall occurs in the right way, you may get lucky and have a minor injury. These are usually sprains and strains. They often heal fairly quickly and are mainly injuries to the muscles due to overexertion or bruising. Treatment usually includes heat and ice to bring down swelling and rest to help the muscles repair. Despite being minor injuries, sprains and strains can cause severe pain and limit your ability to work or do other activities.

More serious injuries to the back

In some cases, you may suffer a more serious back injury after a slip and fall. A herniated disc is the result of a leak of fluid from a disc in the spinal cord. It aggravates the surrounding nerves and produces extreme pain. The pain may radiate down the back or into the legs. It may require surgery to repair the disc.

Another major injury is fractured vertebrae or a broken back. As with any broken bone, there is a risk for complications. Broken vertebrae could impact the spinal cord and lead to temporary or permanent paralysis. It will often take a lot of time to heal and may require surgery. Some fractures lead to permanent injuries.