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Why do motorcycle rallies lead to increased fatal accidents?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When motorcyclists gather for large rallies, the risk of any participant dying in a road accident increases. The New York Times reports that organ donations rise during these large events, especially during rallies where several thousand bikers attend.

These accidents occur to bikers of all ages and riding experiences; however, these rallies create several common factors that may lead to an increase in fatal incidents.

Road congestion

The sheer number of motorcycles, cars and other vehicles attracted to a motorcycle rally can clog roads and increase the risk of accidents in the area. Areas without stoplights and two or four-way stop signs may increase crash risk when bikers fill the roads, particularly in rural areas that do not see much traffic otherwise.

Rider fatigue

Large motorcycle rallies mean less sleep for those who participate. Long hours riding to the event and celebrating with other riders can cause fatigue, which could affect reaction time on the road. This is an especially serious risk for older riders who may not have the stamina they once did.

Risky riding behavior

The atmosphere of any large bike rally is usually one of good feelings and brotherhood, but it may also lead to some riders taking risks they might not take otherwise. Racing, speeding and performing dangerous lane changes can all put any rider at risk, particularly for those who choose to ride without helmets.

Individuals who attend these rallies can lower the risk of a fatal accident by ensuring they get enough rest before a long ride and practicing good health habits at home.