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3 types of information to take down at a parking lot accident

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Injuries

While most car accidents occur on roadways and at intersections, injuries and property damage can also occur in parking lots. Shopping malls, tourist attractions and shopping superstores usually have busy parking lot traffic, which can lead to accidents.

American Family Insurance notes that while parking lots are not classified as roadways, when an accident takes place there, those involved may want to collect several types of information to protect themselves from potential liability.

1. The date and time

Individuals who find their cars damaged when they return to a parking lot may want to start building an insurance claim right away by noting the date, time and exact location of their parked vehicle. Even if the offending driver left the scene, noting these details may help, especially if the location has parking lot surveillance.

2. The other driver’s information

Most parking lot accidents occur when either a driver hits another car while leaving a parking space.  If both vehicles were in motion at the time of the accident, a question of liability may arise. Drivers may want to exchange insurance and personal information, especially if one or both motorists plan to submit an insurance claim to cover any vehicle damage.

3. A police report

Requesting a police report a day or two after the accident can help drivers prove that their version of events matches the information within and provide useful information if one driver denies responsibility for the wreck.

In some cases, parking lot accident damage may not seem serious at first. However, if the damage proves costly in the days that follow, any information collected could support a valid insurance claim.