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Which counties in New Jersey have the most fatal car accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In 2022, New Jersey saw an increase in fatal car accidents over the previous year. Although every county in the state had at least a few collision fatalities, some regions witnessed significantly more than others.

Learning about the counties with the most fatalities and exploring the factors that affect those numbers can help New Jersey drivers stay safe.

Counties with more car accident fatalities

Car accident fatality numbers can vary a great deal depending on the county. The five New Jersey counties that saw the most accident-related deaths in 2022 were:

  • Middlesex
  • Burlington
  • Essex
  • Camden
  • Monmouth

The most fatal collisions in New Jersey occurred in Middlesex County in central New Jersey, with 67 deaths overall and 42 driver fatalities. Camden and Essex Counties had higher pedestrian fatalities, with 26 and 22 deaths, respectively. Ocean County was sixth in overall car accident deaths, with 52 fatalities overall. However, Ocean County had the most pedal-cyclist vehicular accident fatalities, as three cyclists died in car accidents in Ocean County in 2022.

Factors that influence car accident statistics

Several factors influence both the frequency and severity of car accidents. Counties that are especially populous or dense may have more accidents because more cars are on the road. Dense areas tend to have more traffic and congested roadways, leading to increased collision rates.

Counties with multiple interstates or important transport hubs can see more fatal accidents, too. For example, the New Jersey Turnpike crosses through several counties with the most accident-related deaths. Regions with more tourism, including the Jersey Shore, also see a higher number of fatal accidents. Tourists tend to be unfamiliar with local traffic patterns and may engage in risky behaviors like driving under the influence.

In New Jersey, car accident fatality numbers are generally higher in populous counties and tourism destinations.