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What are the common causes of trucker accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A trucking accident can result in catastrophic consequences, including serious injuries and death. In 2021 over 100,000 big rigs had accidents that resulted in injuries.

In the case of a passenger vehicle versus a big rig accident, it may be the trucker’s fault.

Driver fatigue

While most accidents occur in the daytime, it does not necessarily mean that truckers do not suffer from driver fatigue. Drivers may spend long hours on the road or attempt to drive beyond acceptable limits in order to make a delivery on time. In the U.S., truckers can only drive for 11 hours daily and take regular breaks.

When drivers are fatigued, they may lose the ability to react quickly to obstacles on the road or changes in the environment. Even with the help of caffeine, drivers can still experience microsleeps, where the eyes close subconsciously for several seconds at a time.


Excessive speed is a factor in most accidents but can become more severe with big rigs. Trucks require a long stopping distance and if the trucker does not adhere to speed limits, he or she may find it difficult to react to unexpected situations or to stop before causing a severe accident. Likewise, when a driver speeds, it becomes easier for that driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving can happen to anyone, including truckers. Truckers who text, eat or make phone calls on the road have a higher chance of hitting another vehicle. Larger motor vehicles have a responsibility to keep other drivers safe. Already, operating a truck comes with many different challenges, including blind spots.

Any act that takes the driver’s attention intentionally or unintentionally from the road classifies as distracted driving.