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What are the most common triggers of road rage?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road rage is a serious public safety hazard that deserves attention. The reason is that those who become angry behind the wheel are more likely to get into crashes. When emotions take over, there is always the possibility of an innocent motorist suffering harm.

It is dismaying when injury results from a driver acting irrationally. For those who remain calm no matter the situation, it is natural to wonder about the causes of such reckless behavior.

Traffic congestion and waiting

The average driver loses approximately an hour a week due to sitting in traffic, costing each commuter around $869 in lost productivity per year. Considering those figures, it makes sense that gridlock is a primary trigger of road rage. Long periods of sitting without traveling will test the patience of even the most easygoing personality.

Rudeness and incivility

Failure to follow the rules of the road, such as not using turn signals, cutting off other drivers or refusing to yield, can set off those already on edge. A horn honk or middle finger may make the situation even more volatile. Behaviors that violate the basic principles of courtesy and respect can anger someone to the point of danger.

Stress and personal issues

Drivers may have anxiety or problems that they cannot help but stew over, causing them to be more susceptible to losing control. With excess time to contemplate thorny life issues, an operator may experience a rush of fury that clouds their judgment. Building frustration can lead to aggressive actions that end in tragedy.

Although the triggers for road rage vary, they each have the potential to spark a vehicular incident. Every motorist should stay alert for signs that someone is on the verge of blowing their top and causing an accident.