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The long-term effects of workplace knee injuries

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace knee injuries can have lasting impacts. These injuries can lead to chronic pain, a reduced ability to work, increased mental stress, and other complications.

In New Jersey, injured workers face unique challenges when seeking help and related compensation for workplace knee injuries. Understanding these challenges is the first step toward receiving long-term support.

Long-term consequences of workplace knee injuries

Knee injuries can result in a wide range of complications, both acute and chronic. One major concern is decreased mobility, including the development of arthritis in the knee. Workers may need to rely on assistive devices like canes or braces.

Nerve damage is another potential issue. Injured workers might experience numbness or a tingling sensation in their knees.

Knee injuries can also lead to muscle weakness. When the knee is injured, other parts of the leg may become overused as they compensate for the injury. This imbalance can cause further pain and injury, creating a hard-to-break cycle.

Workers’ compensation and ongoing support

Workers’ compensation can provide essential support for those dealing with long-term knee injuries, covering medical expenses and helping with the cost of treatments and therapies. It can also offer financial benefits to replace lost wages, providing a sense of security during a challenging time.

For chronic conditions, workers’ compensation may provide ongoing medical care, including physical therapy, pain management, and even surgeries if needed. Permanent disability benefits are another option if the injury prevents the person from returning to gainful employment.

While knee injuries can result in both short and long-term complications, the workers’ comp process can help injured parties receive compensation and a return to normalcy.