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Think twice before accepting your insurance company’s first offer

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a New Jersey car crash, you may have serious injuries that lead to hefty medical bills. You may, too, have to work with your insurance company to secure compensation to cover this and other related expenses. During your communications with your insurance company, keep in mind that you are working with a for-profit business. Keep in mind, also, that your insurance company boosts its bottom line by paying you out as little as possible.

According to the National Law Review, if your insurer knows it is unable to completely deny your claim, it may use certain tactics in its efforts to cut back on how much it has to pay you. More specifically, it may engage in the following questionable tactics, among others.

Argue you were somewhat at fault

If your own negligence played a part in the crash, your insurer may not have to pay you or may not have to pay you as much. If you deny its first offer, your insurance company might try to say you contributed to the wreck thinking that this may scare you into accepting it after all.

Argue you received unnecessary or unrelated medical care

Your insurance company could also suggest that the treatment you had for your crash-related injuries was unnecessary or that you exaggerated the extent of the injuries themselves. It may also try to say that you had pre-existing conditions or injuries from something unrelated and that those injuries were why you needed medical care, rather than the car wreck.

Remember that insurance companies may try to use these arguments to make you a lowball offer regardless of whether they have merit.