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Is this a Capnocytophaga infection?

Dog bites require immediate medical attention, no matter how severe you may think they are. Many victims mistakenly believe that if their bite wound does not involve grievous physical damage, they can simply patch it up at home. But the physical damage of a bite is...

What are signs a dog may bite?

Being in the presence of an unknown dog can be quite intimidating. Most of the time, the dog will be friendly or at least non-threatening. However, if a dog is aggressive or prone to biting, it is helpful if you are aware of the signs. You should never approach a dog...

Are some dog breeds more dangerous?

In the United States, there are about 90 million dogs. While most of the time, the relationship between dogs and people is unextraordinary, over 4,000,000 people suffer from a dog bite per year. Sometimes, people will associate dangerous canine behavior with certain...

Who is liable for a dog bite?

Dog bites can happen suddenly. You may see the same dog every day in someone’s yard or you may be familiar with a friend’s dog before an attack. Most dog bites are not because of a stranger’s pet. No matter how you know the dog, if the pet does not belong to you, the...

What to do after a dog bite

A bite from a dog can cause severe bleeding, infectious disease and disfiguring injury. Even if your wound is relatively minor, the attack itself can cause psychological trauma. A dog bite requires prompt action to minimize long-term negative effects. However, because...

Teach your kids to avoid dog bites

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children are more likely to receive dog bites than adults. Unfortunately, the injuries that children receive as a result of a dog bite are often more severe. Children are more likely to experience facial...