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Pedestrian death toll worries analysts

New Jersey residents likely know the dangers posed by not paying attention while walking in the street. According to a Governors Highway Safety Association report, 5,984 pedestrians were killed in car accidents in 2017. That is roughly the same as 2016, and there was a 9 percent increase in pedestrian deaths between 2015 and 2016. A variety of factors are attributed to the increasing number of such deaths in recent years.

Marijuana consumption and the use of smartphones are the two biggest factors according to those who have studied the matter. The increase in the number of pedestrians killed in automobile crashes comes at a time when cars are getting safer. They now increasingly come with rear-view cameras, collision warning systems and advanced braking systems. However, pedestrians and drivers both share some of the blame for the problem.

Carpal tunnel syndrome -- what is it?

If you don’t have it, you probably have not given much thought to carpal tunnel syndrome. But if you have been diagnosed with this condition or suspect there is something wrong with your hand or arm, this post could help you understand what is happening – and what you can do to get better.

The carpal tunnel a passage in the wrist that allows a nerve called the median nerve to pass between the arm and the hand. The ligament at the top of the tunnel is very rigid. If that ligament or other surrounding tissues become swollen, the resulting pressure on the median nerve and causing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ways employers can encourage workplace safety

In fast-paced businesses, it can be easy for some New Jersey employers to overlook safety, especially if there are numerous project deadlines and other time constraints. However, failing to regularly enforce rules can result in serious or even fatal injuries. Not only can these workplace accidents potentially cause employees to be unable to work for a certain period of time, it can also negatively impact production time.

However, there are certain things that managers can do to encourage the use of appropriate workplace safety practices. For example, all of those who are in leadership positions should follow and actively encourage others to follow them. By so doing, management can encourage a healthy safety culture that benefits everyone. They can also conduct pre-shift huddles to continuously reinforce safety mindfulness and one-on-one discussions with employees to build trust.

Proactive safety program could reduce construction fatalities

The number of construction workers killed in job-related accidents in New Jersey and around the country increased by a worrying 26 percent between 2011 and 2015 according to figures from the Center for Construction Research and Training. However, the latest Safety Performance Report from the Associated Builders and Contractors suggests that construction site safety could be increased by as much as 670 percent and reportable safety incidents could be reduced by up to 85 percent if the group's Safety Performance Evaluation Process were adopted industry-wide.

The STEP program takes a proactive approach to workplace safety. Companies that follow the program pay particular attention to their orientation and training policies and provide assistance to workers who have developed substance abuse problems. According to ABC, the STEP program is effective because it tackles safety issues on a daily basis and encourages workers to speak up and take part.

Human error lives on in self-driving cars

One of the most intriguing aspects of autonomous vehicle technology is the potential for fewer car accidents. Motor vehicle crashes pose a serious danger on New Jersey's roadways, taking lives and causing serious, catastrophic injuries. Far too many severe accidents occur due to human errors, distractions and mistakes. By removing the human element from driving, some believe it could be possible to envision a future with no traffic accidents.

However, one engineering professor involved in the development of autonomous technology points out that the human factor remains a major influence on self-driving vehicles and one of the greatest obstacles to developing radically improved safety. Car accidents involving autonomous vehicles have been widely publicized, including a March 2018 crash in Arizona that involved the death of a pedestrian. This was the first fatal collision involving a self-driving car.

How cellphone use and talking can distract drivers

While most drivers in New Jersey will agree that using a cellphone while behind the wheel is unsafe, they may not think that conversing with passengers in the car is as big a risk. A meta-analysis recently published in the journal Human Factors states otherwise. The analysis took into account various experimental studies that measured driving performance amid conversations.

The conclusion is that any conversation whatsoever will impair a driver's situational awareness. In-person conversations were shown to have a negative effect on a driver's ability to stay in his or her lane and to maintain appropriate speed and distance from other cars. Handheld cellphone use is particularly distracting with many drivers failing to look left and right and check their rear-view mirrors as often as they should.

Time changes can affect driver alertness

Commuters in New Jersey and other areas may wish to take some sound advice by one of the nation's largest travel assistance companies. The advice centers on safer driving and a small lifestyle change. Following it costs nothing and doesn't involve any special equipment.

AAA studies have shown that a time change, such as the switch to Daylight Saving Time, can affect a person's internal clock and affect their sleep pattern. Not only does the person lose an hour of sleep on Sunday, but the Monday morning commute will be darker and have less visibility. Those on the road at sunrise will likely experience a brighter morning sun, affecting their vision of the roadways.

Fatal dog bite incidents increased dramatically in 2017

Having an obedient and socialized dog that lovingly greets and interacts with everyone it sees is the ultimate goal for any owner. A well-behaved dog can complete a family unit, and the companionship provided by a loyal, safe dog can have an incalculable impact on a family's happiness and positivity.  

However, this doesn't always happen for every dog owner. Indeed, not every dog owner is up to the challenge of having, and taking care of, a dog. This can lead to disobedient and dangerous dogs, and in many cases where a dog attacks and kills an individual, these circumstances are involved.

New Jersey man charged with abandoning girlfriend in sinking car

Often, whenever someone is seriously injured or in danger, bystanders come to the rescue. Part of the fabric that holds us together as a society is the moral obligation to help each other whenever someone is in physical danger.

Have you ever wondered if there is a legal duty to be a Good Samaritan? The answer is, generally you cannot be sued or arrested for not intervening in an emergency situation -- at least, if you did not cause the situation in the first place.

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