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What types of heavy equipment cause the most workplace accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

In various industries, heavy equipment plays a central role in completing tasks efficiently. However, these machines also pose significant risks to workers if not handled properly.

Understanding which types of heavy equipment are most commonly involved in workplace accidents can help ensure safety on the job.


Forklifts are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents involving heavy equipment. These vehicles are commonly used for lifting and moving heavy loads. However, improper operation can result in serious injuries or fatalities. Accidents often occur due to factors such as inadequate training, reckless driving or overloading the forklift beyond its capacity.


Cranes are indispensable in construction and other industries for lifting and moving heavy materials. However, accidents involving cranes can have catastrophic consequences. Collapses, tip-overs and load failures are some common crane-related accidents. Equipment malfunction, operator error and improper assembly are all common catalysts for crane accidents.


Excavators are powerful machines used for digging, trenching and demolition. Despite their utility, they can be hazardous when operated incorrectly. Accidents involving excavators may occur due to rollovers, struck-by incidents or trench collapses. Unstable ground conditions and inadequate training can make these types of accidents much more likely.


Bulldozers are essential for tasks like earthmoving, grading and site preparation. However, their immense size and power make them potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. Accidents involving bulldozers often result from rollovers, collisions or striking accidents.

The latest data shows that construction struck-by incidents caused 14,000 injuries and 150 fatalities in 2020 alone, to say nothing of other types of heavy machinery accidents. Being familiar with the types of equipment that can cause such injuries and conducting yourself appropriately around them can help mitigate the chance of harm.