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Breadwinner with catastrophic injury: Get the help you deserve

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Injuries

Losing one person’s income in a two-earner household can be difficult. If you live in a single-earner household, however, the loss can be devastating.

While two-earner households are increasingly common, there are still many situations where only one person brings home a paycheck. If you are the breadwinner or the family of a breadwinner who has been catastrophically injured or killed, your family should receive the highest compensation possible. The truth is, though, that does not always happen.

Too often, families accept compensation offers without putting up a fight. They think, “Maybe a little is better than nothing.” Beware of this mindset! Your family deserves a good outcome. Before hastily accepting the initial compensation offer, consider taking these actions first.

Reflect on your needs

Pause for a second. Take a day or two to quietly reflect on the situation. Studies show that effective action most often follows personal reflection. When surrounded with noise, it can be easy to make emotional decisions. Emotional decision-making can negatively impact your ability to think and understand. Making time to intentionally reflect on things when you are by yourself can show you all of the cards on the table more clearly. Once you are alone with your thoughts, ask yourself about the costs your family is facing.

While finances are often top of mind, catastrophic injuries have other costs as well. Family relationships can also suffer when a primary wage earner cannot work. When the breadwinner is down, it may require other family members to change their schedules and priorities. In addition, catastrophic injury can impact mental health. This can have both personal and familial consequences.

Reconsider options with a fresh mind

After making time for some reflection, come back to the problem with a rejuvenated mind. Keep your family’s needs top of mind while you research your options. Then, choose a solution that will serve those needs.