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What does workers’ compensation not cover?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

You heard about a coworker sustaining an injury while on the clock. Your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, but it does not cover this particular injury. Why?

Insurance Business America explains scenarios that do not qualify for a workers’ comp claim. Learn when you may have to use your over health coverage if you hurt yourself on the job.


Say you and another worker clown around during downtime. If one of you becomes hurt, your company does not have to cover your injuries because the injury did not happen during standard work duties. If, while horseplaying, either of you harms another person engaged in work, that worker could file a workers’ comp claim.

“Coming and going” rule

If you work in an office or another fixed location and get into a car accident or otherwise hurt yourself while going to or coming from work or home, you would not qualify for workers’ comp. If you do not work from a fixed location or travel for your employer, then you may file a claim. The same applies if you become injured while performing a work errand.


Should you hurt yourself while working from home during business hours, your employer may cover your injuries. Even then, if you sustain an injury outside your company’s normal hours of operation, the insurance provider may honor your claim because they have no solid evidence that you did not harm yourself while tending to your job duties.


Workers’ comp does not cover injuries incurred from an intoxicated employee getting behind the wheel and causing an auto accident while on the clock. If that same inebriated employee sits in the backseat or passenger seat and becomes injured during a collision another person caused, that worker could qualify for a claim.

Know where your employer’s insurance coverage obligations end and where yours begin. Being well-informed often saves time and frustration.