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Can you see a TBI from an outsider’s perspective?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you are suffering from a brain injury yourself, it is often difficult or impossible to tell that you have one. Thus, it is crucial for all people in a vehicle to understand what the symptoms look like.

In particular, identifying traumatic brain injuries (TBI) is important. Quick action is crucial to ensure the victim has a lower chance of suffering from any permanent or long-lasting damage.

Disorders of consciousness

Mayo Clinic discusses the way traumatic brain injuries appear to others. In many cases, there are actually several red flags that show themselves outwardly. For one, disorders of the consciousness are easy to spot. This can include a victim passing out, blacking out or otherwise experiencing periods of unconsciousness. This can even include a victim falling comatose.

Next, if the victim is awake, they may have strong reactions to bright lights. Migraines often start quickly after a TBI. Many of them create light sensitivity that can make looking at light painful. A victim may thus avoid bright lights or appear to be in pain when faced with them. You may also notice an uneven dilation of the pupils.

Presence of cerebrospinal fluid

You could see cerebrospinal fluid, too. This is a clear fluid that may leak from the ears or nose after a severe impact to the head. This is a big indicator that something is very wrong and requires swift medical attention.

Finally, note a potential victim’s behavior. Many victims of TBIs will behave in an erratic, confused and emotional way. They may even get aggressive and lash out at others. If you notice any of these signs, you must call for immediate medical help.