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Maintaining professional connections during an injury

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Getting hurt at work can create challenges in both your professional life and your personal life. If you have the desire to return to work after your injury, you may wonder how to keep in contact with your employer throughout your recovery.

Just because you need to take time away from work does not mean you have to forgo any involvement in your job. Maintaining meaningful connections may ease your transition back to work when that time comes.

Prioritize communication

From the onset of your injury, take a proactive approach to communicate with your employer. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, any delays in reporting your injury could prolong the time you have to take away from work. As soon as you can, notify your employer of the situation. Provide as much detail as possible. Developing a timeline of events can provide critical support to your case.

After you receive medical treatment, your doctor will probably give you a description of your injury and the likelihood of your recovery. This may include a tentative treatment plan that encompasses therapy and other recovery resources. Feel free to share this information with your employer to keep them informed of your condition. As things progress and you continue healing, updating your employer can show your eagerness to return to work.

Ask about an RTW plan

Continue to talk with your coworkers and your boss. You can casually inquire about the progress of work-related projects and express your desire to rejoin the team as soon as possible. You can also ask your employer about developing a return-to-work plan. This would potentially provide both of you with a game plan about when and how you will return to work.

Returning to work may require a gradual transition back to your former job and responsibilities. You may require temporary assistance or need resources to enable you to do your job safely and efficiently. Showing your interest in returning to work and doing your best to keep in touch with your employer may improve your experience when you feel ready to reenter the workforce.