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Does it matter when you tell your employer you got hurt?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

You got hurt at work and now you want your employer to help shoulder the financial responsibility of your medical treatment. It seems fairly simple. However, allowing too much time to lapse before you say anything to your employer could jeopardize your chances of receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

When you understand the importance of timing, you can prevent a disappointing outcome from causing you more stress.

Developing a timeline

As soon as you have received the medical attention you need to return to optimal comfort and safety, start developing a timeline. Think carefully about the circumstances surrounding your accident. When did it happen? Were there other people who witnessed your accident? What was the emergency response like? Did your doctor provide an estimated recovery window? The answers to these questions can help you put together a timeline for your employer.

If the statute of limitations passes, your employer does not need to approve your claim and may not reward you any benefits. According to the Official Site of the State of New Jersey, you should inform your employer within 14 days. Taking immediate action can give you an optimal chance at taking full advantage of the workers’ compensation your company provides.

Sharing the details

Another risk of waiting too long to tell your employer about your injury is that the details may become foggy. The more in-depth you go when discussing the details of your injury, the more believable your story may be. Your employer will appreciate your thoroughness in disclosing the circumstances and providing ample context about what happened.

If your employer denies your claim and you filed it within the specified time period, you may want to hire an attorney. Given that a work injury may prevent you from doing your job for the foreseeable future, having workers’ compensation can give you the support you need throughout your recovery.