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What are some common injuries following a slip and fall?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Whether you are walking in a supermarket and fall on an uncleaned puddle on the ground or you trip outside on an icy walkway, many injuries can stem from tripping and falling.

Learning about the variety and the kinds that are most common is important if you notice symptoms of worse health issues developing.

Soft tissue injuries

According to the National Safety Council, chronic pain and internal tearing of ligaments can happen if you suffer from a soft tissue injury. Trauma from a sudden slip and fall can leave you struggling to move your feet or hands. These kinds of injuries can also become worse as time goes on.

Back injuries

If you are struggling to bend down or you feel sharp and shooting pain whenever you move your head, you may have a back injury. One of the most serious kinds of these injuries is a spinal cord injury, which can impact not only your back but also your ability to sense temperatures on your skin.

You may find it harder to walk for long periods of time and notice you feel out of breath more often.

Head injuries

Your head and skull are especially vulnerable when it comes to injuries that happen on hard floors. Falling and hitting your head on concrete or hardwood floors can leave you with memory problems and serious traumatic brain injuries.

These health issues can impact your daily life and make it hard to work or even talk coherently. You may not notice signs of a head and spine injury in the time directly after an accident, since sometimes symptoms are not obvious on the day of the accident.