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What New Jersey city sees the most car accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A car accident can happen anywhere, but all drivers know there are certain cities, roads, and intersections that are more problematic than others.

In New Jersey, a recent article has identified our most accident-prone city.

According to an article and research by Insurify, the city in New Jersey where car accidents are most likely to occur is none other than Toms River.

Insurify reviewed data from 4 million car insurance applications to determine which city had the most drivers reporting an at-fault car accident over the past seven years. Data from a total of 590 American cities was reviewed. Each city had a population exceeding 50,000.

  • 8% of drivers in Toms River reported an at-fault accident: This is 1.10 times greater than the nationwide average
  • 99% of drivers in Toms River reported a prior no-fault accident

New Jersey drivers did not make the Top 5 list in terms of the most accident-prone drivers. That honor went to drivers from California, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Alabama, and South Carolina.

Why is driving in Toms River so dangerous? Or otherwise stated, why are Toms River drivers so accident prone?

With a population of 93,093, Toms River isn’t the most populous city in the state or region. But the city is in the crossroads of major intersections including Route 37, Route 9, and Route 166.

Some of the busiest roads in Toms River are Route 37 and Hooper Avenue. Frequent construction, heavy vacationer traffic, and inadequate road maintenance may also contribute to the high number of accidents happening here.

Whatever the reason, it is important for all drivers to be on alert and practice defensive driving habits to help ensure they do not become victim to yet another car accident happening in Toms River.