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How can you improve your vehicle’s safety?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You never know what will happen when you drive in New Jersey and if everyone around you is attentive. Improving the safety of your vehicle may boost your protection and confidence.

Outside of the typical things like wearing your seatbelt and following traffic laws, here are some things you can do to optimize safety and function.

Hands-free technology

Most newer vehicles come equipped with hands-free options for handling phone calls, programming music and inputting GPS instructions. Using Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect your phone and other technological devices so you can use them, hands-free, while you drive.

Learning how to connect your device and use voice commands might take time. You may need someone with knowledge of technology to help you set everything up. However, taking the time to do this may reduce the temptation to manipulate your device while you drive which will lower distractions.

Vehicular maintenance

Another way to improve your vehicle’s performance and safety are to make sure you follow a regular maintenance schedule. This includes checking the condition of your tires and brakes. You will also want to check that none of your lights have burned out.

Innovative gadgets

You can look into innovative gadgets that can help you stay safer. According to Readers Digest, in case you ever get in a car accident, have an emergency escape tool on hand. This relatively cheap tool can help you cut your seatbelt and crack glass for a safer, faster escape.

Experiencing a car accident can cause long-term injury and trauma. Reducing the risks of serious injuries requires regular preparation and vigilance. Improving the safety and function of your car is a great start.