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What fall risks appear in the winter?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Some people love winter and think snow is beautiful. But this glistening white stuff can also be very dangerous.

Falls are a risk for people of any age, especially in winter. Knowing about fall risks can help you to better avoid them.

The risk of snow

Snow can fall in a variety of forms. It can be slushy, fluffy and icy. All forms can be dangerous. Slushy snow can be incredibly slippery because it is partly liquid. Just stepping in slush can lead to a slip and fall. Fluffy snow is not as immediately dangerous because you often just sink into it, but a light power could make a surface slick. Icy snow is the worst because it creates an icy surface.

The risk of ice

Ice is always a hazard to watch out for. When the sun warms snow, it will cause melt, but once the sun sets, that water turns to ice. This is incredibly dangerous. Unless you have spikes on your shoes, you are at risk of slipping and falling.


Preventing falls requires paying attention to the weather conditions. You should be aware of when the ground may be slick. You can also use salt or other products sold commercially to melt the ice or help to create some texture to prevent falls. Cleaning up snow in walkways is another important preventative measure.

While you cannot prevent every potential fall risk in the winter due to weather, you can be aware of what may exist. Walk more carefully and be alert to potential hazards to avoid slip and falls in the winter.