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What are overuse injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Repetitive stress injuries are a major concern in almost every line of work. Just one RSI can potentially end a person’s career.

But what exactly are these injuries? How do they come about, and how can a person deal with them?

Major issues with RSIs at work

Mayo Clinic takes a look at overuse injuries. These injuries are a major problem for numerous reasons. First of all, they are often hard to treat. The best way to deal with an RSI is through ample rest. However, not everyone has the time they need to properly rest their injury, considering most people barely even have a week of time off.

If a worker attempts to return to work with an RSI, they will likely only aggravate it further. There is no such thing as “pushing through the pain” with overuse or repetitive stress injuries. Instead, a person will only injure themselves to the point that they may need surgical intervention.

A potential job threat

To that end, an RSI can actually threaten a person’s ability to continue working in their current field. This can in turn put their paycheck at risk, which is not what a person wants when they are also shelling out money for medical care for their injury in the first place.

This dichotomy is why many people who suffer from an RSI because of work also seek workers’ compensation. It is a good way of getting the proper amount of rest without losing every single bit of financial support needed in this difficult time.