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How do delivery schedules impact accident risk for trucks?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Trucking companies run on delivery schedules. They must be ready to pick up and drop off according to very tight schedules.

The consequences of missing a deadline or not hauling as many delivery loads per day can really impact a driver’s ability to make money. Because of the schedule demands, drivers often take risks or make bad decisions that could impact their safety on the road.

Encourage drowsy driving

While drivers must obey federal laws concerning breaks and rest periods, that does not always mean they are wide awake and fresh when they hit the road. It is common for a driver to be tired or drowsy when behind the wheel because they need to stay on schedule and cannot afford to take more time to rest.

Pushing driving in adverse weather

Tight schedules can also force drivers to be on the roads even when the weather is not good. Ice, snow, high winds, and downpours can be risky to drive in, but when a trucker has a schedule to stick to, they often do not have the option to stay off the road until the weather passes. Driving in these conditions increases the chances of an accident.

Set the stage for speeding

Demanding delivery schedules also push drivers to speed. If they move faster and cover more ground in less time, they can likely stay on top of the almost impossible deadlines. But this comes at a cost. Speed is a factor in most accidents. Driving over the speed limit makes these large trucks more of a risk on the roads.

When trucking companies set unrealistic standards for delivery schedules it impacts everyone on the roads. Trucks are more likely to be in an accident if drivers are on the road regardless of factors that can increase the risks.