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4 steps to take after your child suffers a major injury at school

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Injuries

Every parent dreads the thought of their child being seriously hurt. This is especially true when contemplating a disaster in a place where everyone expects safety to be a priority, such as a beloved school.

Although such situations are rare, you need to know how to react if your child suffers a catastrophic injury in an academic setting.

Step #1: Ensure immediate medical attention

When severe accidents occur, every moment counts. With traumatic brain injuries, for instance, failure to administer prompt care may result in long-term complications. School athletics can lead to TBIs; sports equipment accounts for 12.3% of all youth emergency room visits triggered by consumer products for kids throughout 2019. Whatever the nature of the trauma, take no chances and seek medical care.

Step #2: Notify the school and stay informed

If you learn of the injury only after your child arrives home, alert school employees about the incident. After that, seek information about what happened and observe how your precious one is doing.

Step #3: Collect pertinent information

Gather all relevant details. This includes witness accounts, photographs of the scene if applicable and any documentation from the school or medical professionals. With luck, this data will paint a clear picture of the events in question and how they unfolded.

Step #4: Explore support services

Many educational institutions have counselors and resources to assist students with the fallout of a terrible injury. Additionally, local community organizations and support groups may provide valuable help and emotional aid for you and your son or daughter during this challenging time.

Should your precious one receive a severe injury at school, remember that a calm, proactive and conscientious nature will best serve the situation.