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Are commercial landscaping trucks a road safety hazard?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Commercial landscaping trucks frequently traverse New Jersey’s roads and highways.

These vehicles are important for the upkeep of public and private green areas. However, their large dimensions and operational qualities can make them dangerous to road users.

Landscaping truck crashes

Commercial landscaping truck crashes can be especially dangerous due to the size of the vehicles involved. In 2021, around 5,700 fatal motor vehicle crashes involved large trucks, a category that includes many landscaping trucks. These vehicles are often very heavy, making them challenging to maneuver. They carry heavy equipment such as lawnmowers, tree trimmers and gardening tools. Equipment can shift during transport, affecting the truck’s stability and control.

Additionally, these trucks often operate in residential areas or near pedestrian zones. The seasonal nature of landscaping work can lead to inexperienced or temporary drivers operating these large vehicles, potentially increasing the risk of accidents.

Visibility issues are another major concern. Landscaping trucks often have blind spots, making it harder for drivers to see smaller vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists. The irregular shape and size of the cargo can further obstruct the driver’s view. This lack of visibility increases the risk of accidents, especially when reversing or changing lanes.

Furthermore, landscaping trucks sometimes park on or near roads to unload equipment. This can create obstacles for other road users, leading to collisions. If the truck is not secure, it can become a serious hazard.

Truck accident prevention

Preventing accidents requires awareness from both the truck operators and other road users. Landscaping companies should ensure their vehicles are in good condition and their drivers are well-trained. Regular maintenance checks ensure that critical components like lights and brakes are functional.

Drivers should receive training on safe loading and unloading practices as well as securing equipment to prevent shifting during transit. Awareness of blind spots and safe reversing techniques are also important.

Other road users can contribute to safety by maintaining a safe distance from landscaping trucks, especially when these vehicles turn or maneuver in tight spaces. Being patient and cautious when driving near a landscaping truck is also important, especially in residential areas.

While commercial landscaping trucks are essential for maintenance, they can pose significant risks for many road users.