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Considerations when a truck accident is not your fault

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the bustling streets, where highways intertwine and trucks traverse the roads daily, accidents can happen unexpectedly. Suppose you are cruising along, minding your business, when suddenly, a massive truck veers into your lane, causing a collision.

The aftermath is often tumultuous, leaving you wondering about the ramifications of a truck accident that was not your fault.


From physical pain to emotional trauma, the effects of truck accident injuries can be long-lasting. Severe injuries may lead to disabilities, affecting daily activities and employment.

Emotional distress, such as anxiety and depression, can also arise. Recovery may require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation and support from loved ones, reshaping your life in profound ways.

Insurance complications

Following a truck accident, insurance companies become pivotal players. They assess damages, negotiate settlements and handle claims.

However, dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating when you are not at fault. They might delay settlements or offer inadequate compensation, adding stress to an already challenging situation.

Financial strain

Truck accidents often result in significant financial burdens. From medical bills to vehicle repairs, the expenses can pile up quickly. Unexpected expenses can wreak havoc on your finances. Missed workdays due to injuries can further impact the strain, leading to financial instability.

Emotional toll

Beyond the physical and financial repercussions, truck accidents take an emotional toll. The trauma of a collision can linger long after the wreckage is gone. Anxiety while driving, PTSD symptoms and a general sense of unease are common experiences. Especially in areas where traffic congestion is notorious, the fear of another accident can be paralyzing.

State laws

New Jersey operates on a no-fault insurance system. This means that regardless of who caused the accident, each party’s insurance covers their own medical expenses and damages.

However, the state also recognizes comparative negligence, dividing fault based on each party’s contribution to the accident. Determining negligence can be complex in truck accidents due to factors like driver fatigue or vehicle maintenance.

You must understand these laws to navigate insurance claims and seek appropriate compensation after a truck accident.

Legal responsibility

Determining fault in accidents is important for insurance claims and legal proceedings. Even if you were not at fault, navigating the aftermath can be daunting. The burden falls on proving the other party’s negligence, ensuring you are not held liable for damages you did not cause.