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How can snow and ice build-up on sidewalks lead to falls?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Premises Liability

Winter’s arrival often brings a magical transformation to surroundings, as landscapes are full of pristine layers of snow. While the picturesque scenes might be enchanting, the reality of navigating icy sidewalks poses a significant risk.

Snow and ice build-up can turn a simple stroll into a hazardous endeavor, increasing the likelihood of unexpected falls. However, a person must not just notice these problems but actually face injuries due to them in order to pursue legal action.

Hidden slippery surfaces

When snow falls, sidewalks become a canvas for winter’s beauty. However, beneath this picturesque facade lurks an invisible danger.

As snow accumulates, it compacts and transforms into a slippery surface, concealing potential hazards like uneven terrain and hidden obstacles. Unwary pedestrians might find themselves navigating an unsuspecting ice rink, oblivious to the imminent threat.

Sudden freezing

As temperatures fluctuate, the risk of falling intensifies with freezing rain. What was once a powdery layer of snow can quickly morph into a sheet of ice.

This ice build-up renders sidewalks akin to an obstacle course, where every step becomes a precarious gamble. Uneven ice patches create a minefield, making it challenging for individuals to maintain their footing.

Domino effect of previous cleanings

The consequences of neglecting snow and ice removal are evident in the rising number of slip-and-fall incidents during the winter months. Sidewalks laden with accumulated snow and ice over several days or weeks contribute to a surge in injuries. Complete clearing of snow and ice, along with the application of salt or sand, can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents.

As winter’s icy grip tightens, the responsibility to maintain safe sidewalks rests on the shoulders of those in charge of buildings or shops. Property owners should collectively ensure that sidewalks remain pathways of enchantment rather than sources of peril.