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New Jersey has three of the deadliest intersections

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New Jersey has many bustling roadways filled with heavy traffic. Unfortunately, the state is home to three deadly intersections.

A recent study showed that these three intersections had the highest number of fatal accidents over any other intersections in the United States.

Massachusetts Avenue and State Road 70

At number three on the list is Massachusetts Avenue and State Road 70 in Toms River. Over the span of two decades, between 2000 and 2019, this intersection saw a total of 8 fatal accidents. This intersection’s placement on the list highlights its problematic nature. Issues with this location include it occurs at an angle, which can reduce sight lines.

East Jersey Street and US 1&9

Coming in at number two is the intersection of East Jersey Street and US 1&9. This intersection has had nine fatal accidents in the same time period. The complexity of this intersection, with multiple lanes and high-speed traffic, underscores the reasons why it is hazardous.

Lalor Street and SR 129

Topping the list as the most deadly intersection in New Jersey is Lalor Street and SR 129. It ties East Jersey Street and US 1&9 with nine fatalities in car accidents, but it had the most recent one, which gave it the top spot. It is a busy urban road that suffers from heavy congestion and high-speed traffic.

Collectively, these three intersections represent a concerning trend in road safety in New Jersey. The high number of fatal accidents underscores the need for improved infrastructure, enhanced safety measures and increased awareness among drivers. However, it happens, change has to come to prevent further loss of life.